SiteSpinner Pro: Web Design Studio - Professional Edition (for Windows PC)
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SiteSpinner Pro: Web Design Studio - Professional Edition (for Windows PC)

Everything you need to create a professional-looking website easily

Product Information

Web Design Studio Professional is everything you need to create a professional, quality website. Design, publish, host, and promote your website quickly and easily, without having to hire a web developer or learn HTML.  It's easy to get started - start from scratch or use one of many professionally-designed templates and use the Design Toolbar and drag-and-drop design interface to make even complex layout changes quickly.  Create a truly rich experience for your website visitors by adding interactive animation and special effects - even import media files for a customized site.  With Web Design Studio Professional, designing a site for your audience has never been easier.

Product Highlights

  • Design Your Site - With its convenient toolbar placement and WYSIWYG drag-and-drop interface, no HTML or programming knowledge is required to build a website with Web Design Studio Professional. Whether you make a completely original site or work from a professionally-designed template, this software features endless design possibilities for colors, fonts, graphics, and media tools. You can also create unique layouts for specific mobile devices or use Web Design Studio Professional optimize mobile designs for any type of device.
  • Preview Your Work - Even when you're not ready to go live with your website design, you can preview your work from your web browser or easily toggle between design and preview pages on your desktop. Advanced Opera enabled software enables you to preview mobile web layouts too.
  • Publish Directly to the Web - The Publishing Wizard makes posting to the web easy and foolproof.
  • Promote Your Site - Finding and keeping an audience has never been easier.  Web Design Studio Pro comes with powerful search engine optimization tools. Find your niche with keyword research, search engine optimization, and web page editor. Promote your site with search engine submission, link partner finder, and PPC campaigns manager. Analyze your site's performance with the ranking checker, link popularity analyzer, and web analytics - and continue to maintain your site with website quality audit and website monitoring.

Product Features

Easy Access to Design Tools - The Design Toolbar places the most important tools right on your desktop, allowing you to make quick and easy edits in minutes.
  • Create Graphics - Easily create dynamic shapes, backgrounds, buttons, callouts, and more, all with the Design Toolbar.
  • Edit Images - Adjust any photo in seconds with the integrated photo editor to make it look great on your site.
  • Edit Text - Web Design Studio Professional offers a full-featured text editor that works just like a word processor, including font, size, color, spell check and headlines.

Add Dynamic Audio and Video
  • Import Media Files - Enhance your site with rich media - you can import all of the most popular audio and video file formats including Flash.
  • Add Special Effects - It's easy to add mouse-over effects, drop-down menus, and more.
  • Animation - Create rollover effects, add audio, and import video.

Add Depth and Complexity to Your Site - Organize your content to make it easier for viewers to read.
  • Add Tables - Add tables to any design to quickly and easily line up your website content.  Text, pictures, or any object can be simply dragged into place.
  • Add iFrames - iFrames allow you to include scrolling content on your site, including text, graphics, or even another website.

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